Bride & Groom

Wedding Questionnaire

This is the time that I will officially be finished under the contract. Every hour after this time will be an additional charge per hour past the scheduled coverage. I will notify you at the reception when I am leaving and this will be your opportunity to have the coverage extended

How many people will be in your bridal party? Please list the first and last names of both the girls and the guys

Are there any divorces, deaths, etc., which we should know about so as not to embarrass anyone or make anyone uncomfortable? For example, suggesting that Mom and Dad be in the same portrait if they aren't on speaking terms, etc.

What is the estimated drive time from the place you are getting ready to the ceremony site? (take into consideration, rush hour, construction, etc.)

Please Note: Keep in mind that the receiving line takes away from the portrait time. Sometimes the receiving line can take a long time depending on how many people there are. Keep this in mind when scheduling the group shots and portraits.

Are you planning on seeing each other before the ceremony (first look session), if so, would you like all family photos completed before the ceremony as well?ere

What is the time span between when the ceremony and reception that you are wanting to set aside for group shots and portraits? I recommend AT LEAST 45 minutes to 1 hour-more time if you are planning on more than one location

Can you provide me with a rough timeline of the wedding day? If we haven’t already discussed this in detail, now is the time! I would love to help you create a timeline that will allow for plenty of beautiful portraits and a stress-free day!